Don’t let the title fool you! The Millionaire Fastlane is actually much, much better than this silly title suggests.

After a bit of a rough start, the author starts to articulate many of the thoughts that have been brewing inside my mind for a long time now. Among other things, he preaches for total responsibility of actions and choices, to value time as the most important resource, and the extreme value of continues education. Another thing that makes the book even better is that the author bashes the law of attraction.

The book continues to describe the fastlane, which basically is entrepreneurship (unless you want to get famous, but that is not the topic of this book). There are a few requirements on the entrepreneurs to be able to qualify for the fastlane though. Firstly, the entrepreneur must be process oriented and not event oriented, as valuable companies stem from a long process of motivated work. Secondly, the corporation must focus on solving people’s problems, filling their needs, or providing them with value. A common problem for failing entrepreneurs is that they are focusing too much on their own need and wants. For example, an entrepreneur may start a venture for something he or she likes even though there isn’t enough demand for a such product. The third thing you have to think about as an entrepreneur is scalability. To enter the fastlane the business must be able to impact millions. Quote from the book “Impact millions and you will make millions”.

Of course there is nothing really revolutionary here, but the book was still really good and entertaining (excluding the first chapters). One of the biggest reasons I liked the book is that the author comes off as much smarter than typical authors in this genre at the same time as he is quite relatable and lays out his arguments in a very convincing and well written way.