Eat That Frog is a really short book about procrastination. Nothing new or extraordinary here. That said, it’s a pretty good book.

I would summarize the recommendations, that weren’t extremely obvious, as follows:

  • Everyone procrastinates. The thing that differs productive people from the others’ is that productive people procrastinate low value tasks.
  • Always keep an eye out for tasks that should be discontinued because of low value return.
  • Plan with different lists and don’t do anything major without first planning it. The author recommends keeping a master list, a monthly list, a weekly list, and a daily list.
  • Eat the biggest and ugliest frog first. Prioritize things with the most severe consequences if you don’t do them.
  • Why are you on the payroll? Figure that out and improve your value.
  • Create large continues chunks of time to be able to accomplish more.