At Attentec, I was one of the three software engineers for an application called ScanBas 365, which is a user friendly supervision system for fishing boats. Click here for more information about the ScanBas 365.

The team was very agile, using the Scrum methodology, and valued collective code ownership very highly. As such, all developers could work with any part of the system and every line of code was thoroughly reviewed by another developer. This means that taking credit for any specific part of the system would be kind of silly. That said, I’ve been heavily involved in the Geometry panels (Bottom left in the picture), layout customizability, and loads the measurement boxes (above the geometry panel in the picture). I’ve also been especially instrumental in the development of the new neat spider graph, which is one of ScanBar 365’s flagship features.

Please use my contact form if you would like contact information to my boss or any of my team members.