Tag: Programming

May 23 2017

Cracking the Coding Interview has been one of the best selling books in computer science for a few years now, and for a good reason. It covers almost 200 coding questions on common interview topics, and each question has at[…]

March 29 2017

The Algorithm Design Manual is divided into two parts, where the first part covers an introduction to algorithm design and analysis, and the second part contains a catalog of the 75 most important problems arising in practice. This review focuses[…]

February 8 2017

Head First Design Patterns is a nice introduction to the world of design pattern. It is really easy to read and has a lot of visual elements to make everything as clear as possible. This resulted in me plowing through[…]

December 2 2016

Clean Code is a classic book on code quality written by Uncle Bob. The book is divided into three parts; basics on clean code, case studies with many refactoring examples, and a list of code smells. The most important concepts[…]

November 3 2016

The second edition of Code Complete focuses on how to build quality code in software projects. This means that most of the book is devoted to code writing, but it often drifts over to things like project and team management in addition[…]