Category: Book Review

November 30 2016

Soft Skills is surprisingly interesting. It covers loads of different areas of a typical software developers life, although nothing on programming. For example, chapters about fitness, real estate investing, and job interviews are included in this book. This is congested[…]

November 20 2016

Don’t let the title fool you! The Millionaire Fastlane is actually much, much better than this silly title suggests. After a bit of a rough start, the author starts to articulate many of the thoughts that have been brewing inside my[…]

November 19 2016

This book explains why skills trump passion and why “follow your passion” generally is bad advice. The author is on a quest to find out what defines a great job and how to get it. Eventually he concludes that there[…]

November 17 2016

This book covers tips on how to be productive, deal with people and prioritize. Other than these seven habits described below, the author recommends that you live a life centered around defined principles, i.e you should have a life manifesto[…]

November 13 2016

Trust Me I’m Lying is an interesting book that contains the confessions of a media manipulator, who claims to have grown tired of the current media system. It covers the basics of how media manipulators play the media and why[…]

November 12 2016

The Happiness Advantage covers how happiness and positivity can lead to success and the various other benefits they can have. The author also explains both well-known concepts about happiness, such as how emotions can spread among people, and other less[…]

November 8 2016

The Power of Habit covers the basics on how habits work (cue, routine, reward) and how to manage, change  or create them. The author also bring up the interesting concept of willpower fatigue in which willpower and discipline is described[…]

November 3 2016

The second edition of Code Complete focuses on how to build quality code in software projects. This means that most of the book is devoted to code writing, but it often drifts over to things like project and team management in addition[…]

October 30 2016

Rework is short and packed with useful information for any person interested in side projects or entrepreneurship. It does not have any dragged out sections or unnecessary parts like almost all other books in this genre. The authors gives solid and[…]

October 25 2016

Algorithms to Live By covers the computer science of many of the problems encountered in the daily life of any human. It contains many types of optimization problems, from finding a car parking spot, city planning and finding a partner to more[…]